We can help you deal with complex fire safety enforcement and could save you money when we do                        

Are your premises safe from burglary arson and vandalism ?

IMG_0880We offer a wide range of Fire Safety and Security services and products

Fire Safety has undergone huge change since the new Regulations (Fire Safety Order) commenced in Oct 2006, even if you have only one employee or are responsible for blocks of flats with common areas then you require a Fire Risk Assessment completed by a Competent person and you must deal with the action points within a reasonable time.

Prosecutions from failure to deal with Fire safety matters have doubled each year since November 2007 and in 2011 the first “would be” Fire Risk Assessors were given custodial sentences

Often general health and safety practitioners and other would be fire risk assessors aren’t qualified sufficiently to advise you in fire safety – and that’s where FSEC can help.

Whether you need:

  • Fire risk assessments providing practical, affordable and cost effective advice from experts on a range of fire safety issues
  • Urgent advice on enforcement or building construction issues
  • Fire engineering design to ensure your building is fully fire safety compliant from construction level
  • Specialist training to ensure your staff are trained to implement your fire safety policy
  • Fire teams providing on-the-spot fire fighting for your high risk business.
  • Defence from fire safety enforcement by local authorities and the Fire Brigade 24/7 (including expert witness and court room defence. Highly qualified fire safety professionals up to Fire Engineer level will ensure your employees and other relevant persons (contractors and visitors) and your properties are protected and compliant.  We make sure you have a clear knowledge of your responsibilities, how you can reduce fire risks and operate your business successfully within the law.
If you have security needs (who doesn’t in these uncertain times) then we can offer advice design installation and response to your premises 24/7 in a cost effective and easy manner that is very competitively priced to offer a safe solution that we guarantee you will like

When you work with FSEC, Fire Safety and Security is made easy – and you’ll find the only thing that’s smothered is the fire.

To ensure your commercial property is compliant with fire safety regulations and secure from unwanted visitors, call the experts at FSEC now on +44 (0) 113 2195550  or e mail sales@fsecuk.com