Security and Fire

We offer a one-stop shop for all your Fire Safety and Security needs 

Pick up the phone and ask and we are sure you will be pleased with our answer as we think security and fire can go hand in hand

  • Have you had any vandalism burglary or arson problems at your premises ? its a problem all premises face theses days?
  • We undertake joint surveys for Fire and Security free to estimate your level of risk (dependant upon the size of the premises) using staff experienced in both.
  • Our security systems are tailored to your needs but are designed to keep intruders outside and actually stop them entering at all with voice systems and a physical response security where required – ring or e mail for more info about our free no obligation survey - subject to distance and size of the premises
  • CCTV is only as good as anyone watching the images so let us stop the intruder getting anywhere near the building or site to using a variety of systems that are better then filming the crime and acting afterwards. Ring for more information and a chat or free site survey

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