Fire Engineering Design

Constructing a safer environment – the technology of fire safety

Fire safety law places an emphasis on preventing fire and reducing fire risk.  ThatIMG_0426 means it’s important that you put measures in place early, especially at the building stages, to avoid issues later on when the building is assessed for fire risk.

Legally it’s part of the Approved Document B Fire Safety Requirements of the Building Regulations 2010 and refers to the ability of a building to withstand fire.  If you’re an architect or have a construction company building commercial properties, you need to know that your building is constructed in a way that reduces the spread of fire and can withstand a fire for the length of time required by law.

We specialise in both Code compliant and NON code compliant design using all the best practices within BS9999 and other Fire Engineering design codes and some that are not

It’s important to have every building assessed to ensure that it is acceptable in terms of the fire safety arrangements and design – and that’s where the highly qualified experts at FSEC can help.

To ensure your property is compliant, you’ll get


  • Expert advice and consultancy from specialists in fire engineering design, covering the construction of a robust building that prevents the spread of fire and complies with fire safety law
  • Assessments of commercial buildings by expert fire engineers to ensure the building is compliant
  • Fire stopping checks and installation of the correct measures to prevent the spread of fire between rooms and levels of the property where floors and walls are penetrated by pipes, ventilation and cables.

To get assistance in ensuring the construction of your premises meets fire safety regulations, call FSEC now on 0113 2195550 or email for more information to


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