What are your Fire Safety concerns ?

Fire safety is a specialised subject so let our team take away your problems and workload and deal with all your fire safety matters. For a reasonable annual retained fee we will be one telephone call away and will complete an annnual Fire Risk Assessment and one Fire training session whilst dealing with any fire problems within a service level agreement.   Knowing that you must abide by fire safety regulations is one thing – how to interpret the law into practical actions for your organisation is another.IMG_0151

To make it easier for you, FSEC’s highly qualified fire safety practitioners – right up to Fire Engineer level – are available to advise you on every aspect of complying with the law.  You can consult the FSEC fire safety specialists for the following:

  • Creating fire safety policy – alongside fire safety training for you and your staff in how to implement it
  • Actions to take as a result of a fire risk assessment – plus experts to act as an intermediary to negotiate the most reasonable and cost effective measures to meet legislation
  • Getting fire safety right from construction level with fire engineering design consultation
  • Getting professional support when appealing against unfair enforcement action and an expert witness where a fire or fire safety issues have resulted in legal action.

If you have any questions or need expert advice on any area of fire safety, call FSEC now on +44 (0) 113 2195550 or email your enquiry.

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