Fire fighting Teams

We provide Professional Fire fighting staff to protect your premises or events

When your business operates in an environment at high risk of fire, or the business case is that even a small fire loss is high financial or life risk, or you need Fire Cover for a major public event, then it’s imperative you have the necessary means to reduce risk and act fast in the event of a fire. You need our fire teams and our planning staff

Don’t be fooled, It takes more than a designated fire marshal to ensure your workplace is safe as a fire warden will have to leave the premises once all persons are evacuated.

Our teams can be on site within 24 hours providing round the clock temporary fire fighting cover for:-

Public events, Protection of a process risk, on site cover for broken fire alarms, sprinkler or fire suppression systems, to maintain the exit routes of buildings undergoing refurbishment.

We will provide:

  • A professional mobile fire fighting team to act fast and attack a fire
  • A constant mobile Fire watch to monitor for and identify hazards, advise on actions to reduce risk and implement solutions for a safer working environment
  • A team that can be on site within 24 hours and stay there for 6 months if required

Call FSEC now on +44 (0) 113 2195550  to find out about our fire fighting teams, or email your

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