Equipment Testing

We can test and maintain your fixed fire equipment using our experienced staff

Under the Fire Safety Regulations regular testing of your fire safety fixed systems isIMG_0416 required to stay fully compliant. In addition to the life risk, your premises, stock, equipment, business are at risk if your systems fail, and your insurance may also be invalid.

FSEC can provide you with professional fire safety experts to ensure you have all the fire systems you need working exactly as they should.  You can request testing of any of these systems from our professional team such as dry risers, fire alarms and emergency lighting and be confident of a quality and efficient response and service

If your staff need training in fire safety or in how to use fire safety systems and equipment, FSEC provide bespoke Fire Training Courses to meet your needs.

To make sure your fire safety systems and products are working effectively through professional testing, call FSEC now on 0113 2195550  or email us for more information.

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